E – Glossary of Print and Design Terms

Welcome to our comprehensive glossary of print and design terms. We are continually seeking to grow and improve this glossary, so if you spot any definition you do not agree with, a term that is missing, or have any comments in general, please email our reference team.

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Edition A number of identical copies, printed at the same time. The initial printing is the first edition, when changes are made these are called for example, revised edition, second edition
Eggshell Finish The finish of paper surface that resembles an eggshell achieved by omitting the calender process
Electronic Image Assembly (EIA) Assembly of a composite image from portions of other images and/or other page elements using a computer
Electronic Proof A process of generating a prepress proof in which paper is electronically exposed to the colour separation negatives; the paper is passed through the electrically charged pigmented toners, which adhere electrostatically, resulting in the finished proof
Electronic Publishing Publishing via output on internet, computer bulletin board or other electronic medium, as compared to output on paper
Elliptical Dot Halftone screens in which the dots are actually elongated to produce improved middle tones
Elmdorf Tester Device used to test the tear strength of paper
Em A unit of space or type measurement in typesetting and printing. An em or mutton is equivalent to a square number of points of the current type size, e.g. in 10pt an em is 10 points high by 10 points wide
Emboss To press an image into paper so it lies above the surface. Also called cameo and tool
EMF Also known as Microsoft Enhanced Metafile. A file format used for storing vector images
Emulsion A light-sensitive substance used as a coating for film; made from a silver halide compound. This side should face the lens when the film is exposed
En A unit of space or type measurement in typesetting and printing. An en or nut is equivalent to half an em space measured on width, e.g. in 10pt an en is 10 points high by 5 points wide
Enamel A term that describes a glossy coating on paper.
End Board A piece of plywood or hardboard, the size of a printed section placed at the front and back of a bundle so the straps do not damage the outermost printed sections
End Sheet The pages that are pasted onto the binding of a hardback book, to fasten the body of the book to the cover. In most cases these are blank, but occasionally feature some design or text
English Finish Smooth finish on uncoated book paper; smoother than eggshell, rougher than smooth
Engraving A printing process whereby images such as copy or art are etched onto a plate. When ink is applied, these etched areas act as small wells to hold the ink; paper is forced against this die and the ink is lifted out of the etched areas creating raised images on the paper
EPS (Encapsulated PostScript File) Encapsulated PostScript is a computer file format that contains Postscript commands and a special descriptive header. EPS is widely used as it can be scaled to suit the users requirements with no loss of quality
Equivalent Paper Paper that is not the brand specified, but looks, prints and may cost the same. Also called comparable stock
Etch The process of producing an image on a plate by the use of acid
Even Smalls The use of smaller sized capitals at the beginning of a sentence without the use of larger sized caps
EXIF Exchangeable Image File Format stores capture data such as shutter speed, aperture, ISO and lens type in the image file
Expanded Type Type with width greater than normal producing a rectangular effect
Exposure That stage of the photographic process where the image is produced on the light-sensitive coating
Extender A white pigment added to a coloured pigment to reduce its intensity and improve its working qualities
Extent Term used to refer to the total pagination of a document