Convert Images to Vector Graphics

Do you have a low resolution logo which you struggle to use for all the marketing media you require? It is all to common to find you need to convert images to vector graphics for printing or other purposes.

Aqueous is a leading vector conversion company that delivers a premium quality service to help customer convert images to vector graphics at a low cost. Converting raster images to scalable vector files can be a very time-consuming process for less-experienced designers, and often results in an undesirable vector file.

Images generally fall in to two categories – raster images and vectors. Raster based or pixel based file formats (.GIF, .TIF, .BMP, .JPG) are made up of individual pixels. Other than using this image for websites and small size printing, it’s not generally suitable for much else. When you try to enlarge it the image will pixelate.

Vector images can be scaled to any size, without any loss in quality of the image. They can be easily edited, thus the best choice for a logo or any other line art is a vector based image.

You can send Aqueous your image-based file and we will supply a vector version which can be enlarged infinitely – you can even cover the side of a building!