Domain Management

Whilst the importance of establishing and maintaining an online presence is now well understood, those involved in managing a large portfolio of domain names are faced with a raft of new complexities. Different domains have varied registration requirements, different technical considerations and legal implications and often need to be managed using a variety of languages and currencies. This is where the expertise of the people at Aqueous comes in.

Aqueous has built its business on domain name management and our service is a unique solution designed to help corporates create, implement and maintain an effective domain name strategy. We can help you be successful in simplifying and establishing an effective domain name strategy for your portfolio of domain names – to discuss this please click here.

Our domain name management services include:

  • Strategic review of your domain name portfolio
  • Domain recoveries and acquisitions
  • Management of all your domain registrations and transfers
  • Guaranteed domain renewal
  • Flexible domain name invoice processing
  • Domain name cost control
  • DNS hosting

The need for companies to manage their brands on the Internet is of vital importance as a strong online presence is not only expected by your customers but it is also a large part of the marketing budget. Considering this importance, let the experts at Aqueous help you create an effective domain name strategy in order to control your domain names, control the administration surrounding the domain names and control costs that could escalate rapidly if there are no central guidelines over who can buy domain names, who should renew domain names and who administers domain names.

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