SEO & Internet Marketing in Weston-super-Mare & Bristol

Our internet marketing service is not simply SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), but it does comprise important elements and best practices which will result in improved search engine rankings. Features of our marketing service include:

  • eCommerce product database optimisation
  • Google Shopping data feed creation, submission and management
  • Article composition and circulation
  • Email composition and transmission
  • Website content optimisation
  • Website analysis, edits and validation

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SEO Search Engine Optimisation Weston-super-Mare Bristol

What’s involved in SEO?

SEO is a truly enormous topic, and big companies pay big SEO agencies enormous amounts of money to manage it for them. That doesn’t mean that the average small business can’t compete however.

There are a number of things that you can do with your existing website that will dramatically improve your position in the search engines’ results pages. When you commission Aqueous to work with you to improve your online profile we will do the following:

  • Analyse your website to identify potential failings that you are being penalised for
  • Work with you to identify precise client groups
  • Optimise your content to ensure the best possible returns on your target keyword phrases
  • Encourage linking mechanisms which will generate organic links to your website
  • Create innovative content which will transform your online presence
  • Manage your social media profiles to ensure a common, consistent message is relayed
  • Monitor your traffic and the changes generated by actions

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